1. Remember why you started

Taking a moment to reflect on why you decided to begin this journey in the first place can help you stay motivated. Whether you began this challenge for weight loss, improved health, or any number of other reasons remembering why you started in the first place will help you stay on track, so you don’t end up back at square one.

  • Ask yourself “will I regret skipping this workout?”

No one ever regretted a workout. When it gets tough ask yourself how you will feel when you’re finished. Accomplished? Strong? Proud? Those are feelings worth working for.

  • Track your success

Keep a planner to mark days you stayed consistent with your diet and workouts. Reward yourself for hitting milestones such as 7 days straight of consistent diet and exercise or increased weight by 10 lbs. Celebrating little successes will keep you motivated to reach all your goals.  

  • Do it for the healthy balance of food and fitness

Everyone loves to treat themselves from time to time. Staying active and consistent allows you to treat yourself without derailing your progress. Remember, it’s a cheat meal not a cheat day.

  • Sign up for classes ahead of time

Hold yourself accountable. By signing up for classes in advance you are less likely to cancel even if you don’t feel like making it to the workout that day.